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Ethical Trade


Ethical Trade New Zealand

Ethical Trade New Zealand is a social enterprise with a mission to ‘improve livelihoods through ethical trade’.

The concept of Ethical Trade New Zealand started with a mission to improve livelihoods with ethical trade [see our current project(s)]. Although most of our jewellery is in the original design, some have been re-crafted by local artists here in New Zealand.

Ethical Trade provides a platform for creative artists and social welfare enthusiasts to to share their talent and stories with a greater audience. Through Ethical Trade we aim to uplift the spirit of individuals and communities we work with. If you want to share our spirit and want to display your work please contact us at and we will get back to you as necessary.


Spiritual Healing​





Have you ever wondered the meaning and metaphysical properties of a gemstone? Discover the healing properties of gemstones in our collection and see what might suit you. All gems have unique healing properties to help you on your spiritual journey. These gemstones release mental, physical and spiritual energies which will resonate with your own.

Some gemstones purify body, mind and spirit and balance your energy. Balances electromagnetic of the body allows the even flow of energies and provide positive, soothing energy for your spiritual well-being.



Spiritual Healing​

Explore our healing stones which gently and steadily radiates the healing properties of violet – enlightenment, sharper intuition, and inner peace. With amazing healing properties these stones are perfect for meditation and spiritual healing.





Offering various types of jewelry. This quality collection is handcrafted in New Zealand and Gilgit-Baltistan.

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Ethical Trade provides a platform for creative artists to share their talent and stories. Please contact us if you can add value to some of our products, and we are happy to collaborate and work together.